German-Mongolian Business Association meeting takes place

German, Mongolian entrepreneurs at Tuesday’s meeting

On May 24, the German-Mongolian Business Association (GMBA) held a business meeting in Ulaanbaatar to connect entrepreneurs of the two countries and to introduce German technology and know-how to Mongolia.

Representatives of nine companies from the German state of Saarland participated and met with Mongolian entrepreneurs. The representatives said they were looking for partners from Mongolia’s mining, environment, waste processing, software, land reclamation, technology, equipment, and renewable energy sectors.

The GMBA provides assistance to their members and German entities that are interested in operating in the Mongolian market. They also work toward expanding cooperation and relations between their member organizations, providing businesses and investors with crucial information about the German and Mongolian markets, and submitting requests and initiatives to Germany and Mongolia’s governments and legal authorities.

The GMBA cooperates with the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and has agreed to collaborate with the Federation of German Industry. The GMBA has been cooperating with the German Asia-Pacific Business Association since last year.

The GMBA has been operating since 1995, and has over 80 members today



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