Reserve meat now available at markets

Packaging reserve meat.

Beginning this week, the state’s regulated reserve supplies of meat are being made available for purchase at markets with prices ranging from 4,400 to 5,750 MNT per kg.

The release of the reserve meat is part of the government’s Meat Program to stabilize prices for meat. This year, Baatruud Tenger LLC, Darkhan Meat Foods, ANDM, Makh Impex, Erdmeat, and Sayan Uul are supplying the 5,000 tons of reserve meat.

Baatruud Tenger held an opening for reserve meat wholesale trade and distributed meat to retailers. Reserve meat is being sold at select locations and markets in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, and Erdenet. The price for bone-in beef stands at 5,750 MNT, bone-in mutton is being sold for 5,400 MNT, and goat meat is being sold for 4,400 MNT per kg.

The companies that prepared reserve meat took out 25 billion MNT in loans with a 12.5 percent interest rate. The Minister of Food and Agriculture noted that the entities have to repay their loans by August 2018.


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