This varied and intimate collection of photographs shows life in Mongolia from many different angles. The opportunity to submit pictures for “New Creations and People 5” was open to the public, with 47 photos from 30 photographers being selected out of nearly 500 entries. The selected photographs can be seen at Gamma Gallery in Hunnu Mall until May 5.

Many of the images in the exhibition are emotive snapshots evoking a powerful response from the viewer. In B.Tamir’s “Universe of Imagination” the grayscale coloring and the contrast between the foreground and background express a sense of sadness. Through his picture of a girl alone in a playground surrounded by industrial activity, he aims to present a debate about how we influence children and enforce conformity at the expense of their creativity and imagination.

'Uvs province, Naranbulag soum' by D.davaanyam
‘Uvs province, Naranbulag soum’ by D.davaanyam

D.Davaanyam’s “Uvs Province, Naranbulag Soum” similarly explores the idea of childhood, but in a very different setting. The photograph captures boys in a moment of laughter despite their family having just lost much of their livestock to this winter’s dzud.

Of his image, D.Davaanyam said, “They were not happy because they had lost their animals, they were happy because I was following them and taking their photos. A child is naive and has a warm, bright heart.”

The exhibition also includes photographs on subjects ranging from Soviet rule to eagle hunting and urban life, and this variety of perspectives invites reflection on many important aspects of Mongolia’s culture and history.

Some of the pieces look at the process of putting together the exhibition. A multimedia collage piece and annotated film strips contrast sharply with the single frame pictures of the collection, encouraging viewers to consider “New Creations and People 5” as a whole, rather than examining the photos individually. The result is a comprehensive exploration of different elements of Mongolian identity, on a very personal level.



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