M.Ankhtsetseg becomes Asian weightlifting champion

    M.Anktsetseg (center) after receiving her gold medal

    International Sports Master M.Ankhtsetseg won a gold medal at the Asian Weightlifting Championships held from April 24 to 30 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, receiving qualification to compete in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

    M.Ankhtsetseg competed in the women’s 75 kg category and lifted 112 kg in snatch and 132 kg in clean and jerk, becoming the Asian champion. A total of ten athletes from eight
    countries, including Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan, and Taiwan, competed
    in this category. The silver medal went to South Korea’s Kang Yeounhee, and bronze went to
    Yao Chi-Ling from Taiwan. Another Mongolian athlete, B.Enkhtamir, lifted 98 kg in snatch and
    116 kg in clean and jerk, placing fifth in the ranking.

    Athletes received Olympic qualifications for Rio 2016 in accordance with their team scores
    from the Asian Weightlifting Championships. Male teams ranked in the first seven places
    and female teams ranked in the first six places received Olympic qualifications. The Mongolian female team was fourth in the ranking. The Mongolian male weightlifting team did not rank high enough in the competition to receive an Olympic qualification.


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