Z.Enkhbold participates in Clean Coal Technology Seminar


The Speaker of the Parliament, Z.Enkhbold, participated in the Clean Coal Technology Seminar organized by the Ministry of Mining and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry on March 17.

Speaker Z.Enkhbold said, “The Mongolian and Japanese Economic Partnership Agreement will start implementation next month. The Parliament approved the amendments required. Thanks to the agreement, many investment and technology transportation issues concerning clean coal have been made easy. In addition, 100 percent of our coal mines use open-pit mining, an inexpensive technique. We could use this to our advantage and produce gas, fuel, and other raw materials, provide domestic supply, and export. To achieve that, we need good engineers in the clean coal technology field. Japanese experts are significantly important in preparing Mongolian engineers,” said Z.Enkhbold.

Deputy Director of the Commerce, Economics, and Cooperation Department of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Ando Haruhiko and Counsellor at the Embassy of Japan in Mongolia Kikuchi Minoru gave opening remarks at the seminar.

The Minister of Mining, R.Jigjid, said during the opening ceremony that Mongolia is aiming to produce environmentally friendly value-added products by using advanced technology to develop the coal sector in Mongolia. “The Parliament approved a law to promote coal production by policy and to free coal production technology from customs and value-added taxes. It’s important to introduce advanced technology in all stages of coal exploration, mining, concentration, and production, as coal is one of the core areas of Mongolian economy,” said R.Jigjid.

Takafumi Kakudo, Director of the Coal Division at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy at the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, presented a speech about Japan’s coal policy. Later, the Head of the Coal Policy Management Center at the Ministry of Mining,

L.Radnaasuren, spoke about the current conditions of Mongolia’s coal sector.
Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL), which cooperates with Mongolia on dry coal concentration projects, coal exploration, and poor quality coal usage, reported on its activities and gave a speech about coal concentration and aeration technology.

During the seminar, Japanese experts introduced MHPS AQCS technology, an air quality monitoring system, and spoke about the expectations and long-term plans for coal sector development in Mongolia. The Mineral Resources Authority introduced their production-economic opportunity analysis of coal products, and Mongol Alt Company reported on the new clean coal technology they’re introducing.