Philadelphia Orchestra and Mongolia announce new cultural partnership


The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Office of the Ulaanbaatar City Mayor signed an official memorandum of understanding on March 3 at Congress Hall, Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the USA.

President of the Philadelphia Orchestra Allison Vulgamore and Ambassador of Mongolia to the USA B.Altangerel, who represented the mayor’s office, attended the signing ceremony.
According to the memorandum, the world famous Philadelphia Orchestra will visit Mongolia in June 2017 to perform.

“The Philadelphia Orchestra is steadfast in our support of the State Department’s commitment to‎ innovative cultural diplomacy,” said Vulgamore.

She added, “During our time in Mongolia, in addition to traditional performances, the Philadelphia Orchestra will co-design community-based music activities. Having honed our in-residence model over several years, we now look forward to this next extraordinary cultural exchange, sharing person to person the common language of music in schools, hospitals, and with our fellow Mongolian musicians.”

Ambassador B.Altangerel said, “Today, on behalf of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, I am honored to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Philadelphia Orchestra to express our commitment to hosting the orchestra’s concerts in Ulaanbaatar in the summer of 2017.”

“I personally see this partnership as an open gateway to a blossoming relationship between our two cultures through bringing Western music and exploring and promoting Mongolian traditional cultural heritages in the USA. I believe that this visit provides an open platform for USA and Mongolian government institutions, businesses, and cultural institutions to engage and collaborate,” he added.