‘Haiku Art’


Artist D.Erdembileg and his daughter E.Achitmaa’s joint exhibition “Haiku Art” is on view at Q Art Gallery until March 20, located in Bella Vista Town near Zaisan Square.
Over 70 artworks are presented in the exhibition. D.Erdembileg is known for designing the Chinggis Khaan statue at Tsonjinboldog and the Morin Khuur Tower. He’s currently working on the design of the Great Maitreya statue.
D.Erdembileg’s artworks such as “Selfie with Stalin”, “Tesla-Mongol”, and “Welcome to Mongolia, Angela” combine modern culture with traditional Mongolian elements. His artworks are characterized by the use of bold colors and traditional oil painting techniques.
D.Erdembileg, who hasn’t painted in the last few years, said that he was elated to be back and to have paved the way for his daughter’s first step into art. E.Achitmaa said that she was happy to open the exhibition, as her artwork turned out well. “Previously, I was scared to spoil my father’s reputation with poor artwork,” she said.
E.Achitmaa, 21 years old, has skillfully combined haiku with graphic illustrations. Haiku is a Japanese poem composed of 17 syllables. Her father first suggested that she study haiku. The young artist said that she likes how haiku relates to feelings and emotions.
“I pick one of my strongest emotions and decide whether to write or paint first. I feel that by mixing both words and pictures I’m creating something whole, like I’m providing different perspectives. You can see in the picture what you can’t understand from the poem, and you can read in the poem what you can’t understand from the picture,” said E.Achitmaa. She usually writes her haikus in English first and later translates them to Mongolian.