Demonstrators demand dismissal of Ulaanbaatar Mayor


Ulaanbaatar residents demonstrated outside the National Museum of Mongolia demanding the dismissal of Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul and his deputy mayors on March 9.
The demonstrators believed that E.Bat-Uul violated the Law on Administration, Territorial Unit and Unit Administration by hiring more than two deputy mayors, and demanded the mayor to fire six capital vice mayors by March 9. They also believe that E.Bat-Uul abused his power as Mayor by giving salaries and funding transportation expenses of deputy mayors from taxpayers’ money.
“We’re demanding Mayor E.Bat-Uul to apologize to Ulaanbaatar residents and resign from the Mayor’s position,” said one demonstrator.
“It’s against the law to have so many deputy mayors. According to Article 30.1.2 of the Law on Administration, Territorial Units and Unit Administration, there should be one province mayor and there should be no more than two deputy mayors under the capital mayor. But now, there are six deputy mayors in the capital and two deputy mayors per district.
“That’s why we’re asking E.Bat-Uul to demit. Currently, we have gathered signatures of more than 7,000 citizens. We sent our demand to the Mayor on March 7; we will receive our response at 4:00 p.m. [on March 9],” said Khan-Uul District citizen B.Tseren.

Mayor E.Bat-Uul said that the demonstrators are exercising their freedom of speech as stated in the Constitution.
“It’s their right to see and explain laws however they like. The Constitution of Mongolia states that top level [government] cannot interfere with regional affairs. The City Council determines the number of deputy mayors and their limitation of rights and powers, and approves the budget required to fund deputy mayors as stated in the Constitution. This is an important clause determining municipal immunity,” said E.Bat-Uul.
One deputy mayors have a monthly salary of 800,000 MNT. According to the Mayor, all of the deputy mayors have their own assignments in the Ulaanbaatar General Development Plan, to be implemented through 2030, so they cannot be fired.
“Previously, some of the deputy mayors asked to work without a salary, but there’s no law that allows a deputy mayor to work without payment. They’re receiving salaries accordingly with the decisions and rules approved by the City Council,” said E.Bat-Uul.