PM visits the Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network


Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg held his weekly Hour of Solutions meeting at Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network (UEDN) on March 9, to discuss issues related to power supply and distribution.

“We have peacefully overcome temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius this winter. This is thanks to the personnel in the electricity and energy sector.

“The commissioning of Chinggis Bond funded Thermal Power Plant No.3’s 50 megawatt extension, Thermal Power Plant No.4’s 123 megawatt extension, and Amgalan Thermal Power Plant has brought about good results. The state is investing enough in lines and regions from the state budget and other sources. We have to work with better organization and a savings system with our current capacity until the new power plants are built. The construction of the Baganuur and Buuruljuut power plants near Ulaanbaatar will commence this spring. When they are opened, the power supply will increase and we’ll have warm winters no matter how cold it gets,” said Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg.

UEDN supplied electricity to 51.6 percent of central Ulaanbaatar in 2015. It is currently serving 316,190 customers in 16 soums of Tuv Province and eight districts in Ulaanbaatar. Its number of customers has increased by 10.3 percent since 2013.

“Approximately three percent of UEDN transformers were private property in 1996. As of today, 62 percent of its transformers are private property and not dedicated for public use. This increase in private ownership has reached a stage where it might negatively affect the normal and reliable operations of the UEDN,” said UEDN CEO S.Tumurkhuu. He advised the Prime Minister to make a decision at the policy level to manage private investment and operations during the increase in private ownership of power supplies.

Ch.Saikhanbileg praised the network’s public service operations, such as the launch of, which enables residents to check their electricity bills and pay them online; effective use of UEDN’s social media accounts; and the 7004-7004 hotline that receives complaints, suggestions, and requests until 10:00 p.m.

After his tour of UEDN facilities, the Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), and the UEDN to implement the Energy Regulatory Commission’s calculation method for the UEDN’s connection fee, and to approve documents required for additional adjustments made before May 2016.

He also ordered the Government Procurement Agency to show professional and methodical support for the UEDN in organizing the transparent and efficient procurement of goods while the UEDN sets up new connections.

The Prime Minister ended the Hour of Solutions after instructing the Ministry of Finance and the Customs and Taxation Department to cooperate and provide the UEDN with assistance for tax related issues concerning public electricity payment.

Mongolia was ranked number 134 out of 189 countries in World Bank’s Doing Business report for time required to get electricity. “We have to improve the workplace to improve our ranking in this report,” said the PM. In 2013 it took 126 days to receive a new connection to the electrical grid, but it took an average of 79 days in 2015. “Now, we have to decrease this number to 40, and reduce the number of procedures from eight to three,” the PM concluded.