Mongolian circus troupe wins the Golden Elephant prize


A Mongolian circus troupe led by Cultural Merit Artist T.Nomuunbaatar and coached by Mongolian National Circus trainer N.Enkhbold won the Golden Elephant prize at the 5th International Circus Festival with their swing acrobatic performance.
The International Circus Festival took place in Figueres, Spain, from February 25 to 29. A total of 82 circus artists from 14 countries took part in the festival, one of the world’s largest.
The Mongolian swing act team included 13 artists and earned applause from the team of international judges. A team of four Mongolian contortionists gave a performance inspired by “Swan Lake” at the festival, earning them the Judge’s Prize.
Mongolian circus artists prepared for the festival for several months, and composer O.Chinbat composed new music for their performances. Morin khuur player B.Ninjin played O.Chinbat’s music, and Kh.Khashkhuu from the State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet choreographed the performances.