Mongolian designer showcases cashmere designs at Scoop London 2016


Mongolian-born designer J.Mandkhai participated in contemporary fashion trade show Scoop London 2016, which took place at Saatchi Gallery in London, from February 21 to 23.
J.Mandkhai is becoming very popular for her cashmere designs in London, where she lives.
She established Mandkhai Cashmere in 2014, and made her designs using Mongolian cashmere.
J.Mandkhai said she aims to promote Mongolia to the world through fashion.
“I decided to go into fashion at a very early age because of my family business. We have a cashmere manufacturing business in Mongolia,” she said.
“If you go to a market, you will probably find a turtleneck or something with a simple design in plain colors. What I do is I use lots of different patterns. I don’t just do jumpers. I basically do every piece of clothing, such as coats, skirts, shorts, and whatever you can think of. Cashmere is a little bit expensive but it is a very exciting material. Quality is very important to me. I can say my garments have top quality. Top quality plus fashionable designs that’s contemporary.”
She added, “London is not as cold as Mongolia, obviously. People don’t want to walk around in very thick cashmere here. I tried to do things that you can layer and style yourself with. I use lot of different patterns. It’s more breathable; it’s not as thick. I don’t really like to look at trends and what’s happening, because that’s now. I need to be looking into the future.”