Mongolian riders break the Guinness World Record for largest camel race


A total of 1,108 camels participated in a race in Dalanzadgad soum, Umnugovi Province on March 7, part of the Mongol Temee – 999 event organized by the Administrative Office of the Governor of Umnogovi and the Dalanzadgad City Council, breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest camel race ever held.

The race was approximately 15 kilometers long and was completed within 68 minutes. Race coordinators monitored the five starting points of the race, which began with 1,115 camels. Only 1,108 made it to the finish line.

Over 2,000 camel herders from Govi-Altai, Govisumber, Dornod, Dundgovi, Dornogovi, and Bayankhongor provinces; and 3,000 international and domestic tourists participated in the event. The camels which came in the first five places of the race were raised in Khurmen and Tsogt-Ovoo soums of Umnugovi Province. B.Bayanmunkh’s camel came in first place, finishing the race in 35.12 minutes, B.Tumenbayar’s camel came in second, followed by camels owend by S.Erdene, D.Aldarsaikhan, and D.Dashnamjil.

The race was organized to promote Bactrian camels in Mongolia and help increase their numbers. Umnugovi Province leads Mongolia in its Bactrian camel population, and 1,000 of the camels in Monday’s race were from Umnugovi Province. Of the 367,000 camels in Mongolia, 118,560 are raised there.

“This is the result of hard working Gobi locals who love and protect their camel herds,” the organizers said. A colt was born during the festival, which was taken as a good omen for an increase in the nation’s camel population.
Racers in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China held the previous world record for a 550 camel race. Mongolia has held Guinness World Records for the largest horse parade, the most horses in a race, the longest multi-horse race, and the largest Mongolian wrestling tournament.